Third Party Reseller

Cooper Myles is honored to provide great opportunities for its wholesale partners to sell their products on Amazon. Our wholesale customers place great trust and faith in our ability to professionally and reliably sell their products while protecting their product’s integrity, image, and pricing policies. We accept our client’s trust and continually pledge to maintain our commitment to pursue their best interests while by operating in accordance with our core values: Innovation, Integrity, and Reliability.

We know that the virtual marketplace is fast paced and challenging to regulate. At times, some Brand owners and distributors have been challenged to manage and track their authorized virtual marketplace resellers, pricing policies, and found themselves comparing their “new” market to the traditional “brick and mortar” stores, as the wild, wild, west.

We understand the market risk. We care and carefully buy authorized wholesale products. We are constantly vigilant, monitoring the Amazon sales of similar products. We deliver results through research, price management oversight, to identify, and notify our wholesale partners when we identify unscrupulous resellers that may be selfishly eroding your reputation and profitability by unauthorized sales.

We are continually searching for new products, Brands, and entrepreneurs and lead their introduction to the Amazon marketplace. Amazon offers unlimited opportunities. Cooper Myles is honored to provide a professional measured gateway for those who have vision to see the future and seize opportunity when it knocks.

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