Brand Management

Cooper Myles knows your Brand(s) and/or product(s) are your babies. No one understands or values them more than you.  We are committed to working closely with you to protect your Brand, products, intellectual property, pricing policies, and foster sustainable Brand loyalty.  Cooper Myles delivers turnkey, tailored brand management services to meet your needs through Virtual Marketplace Management.

We understand that some businesses face daily challenges while managing their “brick and mortar” product distribution and sales.  We know the added challenges many face while trying to integrate virtual marketplace sales into their marketing strategy.  We understand first-hand how frustrating and difficult managing virtual sales, authorized sales partners, and pricing policies can become and easily can quickly spike your daily task load.  Plus, if your virtual sales are not carefully monitored, unauthorized sales or price erosion can create disgruntled “brick and mortar” partners.  We know that adding to the challenge, is the virtual marketplace’s use of uber-sophisticated pricing algorithms that can generate unexpected risk to marketing plans, as well as revenue and profit forecasts.

We care that because of the online sales challenges, some Brand owners have consequently backed away from virtual sales opportunities.  Meanwhile, competitors see their withdrawal from the marketplace and eagerly seize their opportunity to grab a larger piece of the market share.

We deliver results by using our decade of online sales expertise and a proven track record as a professional, experienced, Brand Manager that you can trust.  Cooper Myles, Inc can will pave the way for sustained virtual marketplace performance and profitability.

As part of Virtual Marketplace Management, Cooper Myles can oversee all your Amazon sales.  Cooper Myles plans, monitors, manages, all your daily sales, oversees Brand protection, and collaborates with you to plan marketing strategies. We offer a unique nimble skill to adjust rapidly as the “schools of virtual shoppers” rapidly change course.

Another value-added optional service Cooper Myles provides is Virtual Marketplace Consulting.  We assist Brand Owners while they develop an Amazon Brand Registry, create, or redesign, their virtual storefront, and develop and implement advertising campaigns.

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